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The Advantages of Hiring Former Prosecutors as Defense Attorneys

At Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our partners are both former prosecutors who tried hundreds of criminal cases before creating our firm. Our experience on both sides of the courtroom has proven invaluable to hundreds of clients and we are proud to bring a well-rounded perspective to a full range of criminal law matters.

Why Work With Former Prosecutors?

Why is it beneficial to retain an attorney who has worked as a prosecutor rather than one who has purely practiced criminal defense? There are many reasons why our experience working for the other side is beneficial:

  • We have tried hundreds of criminal cases — Prosecutors try a tremendous volume of cases, often with very little time to prepare. Our success as prosecutors has given us extensive trial experience, assuring you that you are in good hands.
  • We know how the opposition will pursue a conviction — We can anticipate their next move, force them to prove their case and aggressively protect your interests at every step.
  • Knowing what the prosecution wants helps us get what you want — Often, prosecutors who are willing to make a favorable deal are looking for certain mitigating factors. We will get you into treatment, secure a polygraph test or take other appropriate steps to show them what they are looking for, which translates to better results for our clients.
  • We have the respect of our colleagues and Colorado judges — Our victories on both sides of the courtroom are recognized by prosecutors, other defense lawyers and judges. They know which defense firms will try to settle a case rather than fight in court, and they know that we are not one of those firms. That means they take us — and your case — seriously.

Put Two Aggressive Defense Lawyers On Your Side

As defense attorneys, we put our decades of experience to work in every case. To learn more about how we can help you pursue the best possible result in your case, please contact our office in Colorado Springs for a free, confidential consultation. You may reach us at 719-227-0007 during business hours. You can also leave a message on our contact page.