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Colorado Springs Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a child abuse charge in Colorado Springs, your future and freedom hang in the balance. In these trying moments, lean on someone who can defend you with tenacity and compassion. These allegations should be taken seriously; remember that accusations aren’t conclusive proof. Let us help you. Contact Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C. to schedule a free consultation

Why Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C. For Your Child Abuse Case?

If you’re involved in a child abuse case, it is essential to have an accomplished law firm by your side that prioritizes not only expertise but also your peace of mind. You should consider Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., and here’s why:

Exceptional Track Record: Our past successes speak for themselves – having procured negotiations, dismissals, and acquittals for thousands of clients, our experience and prowess in the courtroom are unrivaled. 

Exclusive Attention: When you entrust your case to us, you will directly work with a firm partner who will review every detail and strategize the best course of action for your circumstances.

Round-the-Clock Service: We understand the emotional toll that these cases can take, which is why we’re available 24/7 to answer your questions, guide you through the legal process, and provide reassurance whenever you need it.

Let Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., help defend your future and your freedom.

How an Attorney Can Help You With a Child Abuse Case

Tackling a child abuse case requires experienced legal counsel. An attorney can assist in the following ways:

Investigating Your Case: Child abuse cases involve complex and sensitive issues that need comprehensive examination. An attorney will thoroughly investigate your situation, including examining police reports, witness testimonies, and any potential evidence relevant to constructing a powerful defense.

Negotiating with Prosecutors: Plea bargains may offer alternatives to jail time or reduced charges. Drawing on their negotiation skills honed throughout the years, a lawyer will try to get you the best possible outcome.

Fighting Your Case in Court: If your case goes to trial, an attorney will zealously represent you in the courtroom. They aim for the best possible outcome by providing carefully crafted and legal defenses, challenging the prosecution’s claims with evidence-based counterarguments.

Child abuse allegations alone can have a significant impact on your life, so always work with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

What is Child Abuse in Colorado?

In Colorado, the laws around child abuse encompass several different types of actions: 

“(a) A person commits child abuse if such person causes an injury to a child’s life or health, or permits a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation that poses a threat of injury to the child’s life or health, or engages in a continued pattern of conduct that results in malnourishment, lack of proper medical care, cruel punishment, mistreatment, or an accumulation of injuries that ultimately results in the death of a child or serious bodily injury to a child.

Child abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, or even simply neglectful. Other examples of child abuse according to Colorado law include:

Female Circumcision or Genital Mutilation: Performing genital surgery for non-medical reasons on a female child, referring to infibulation of any part of the genitals (such as the labia minora/majora, vulva, or clitoris).

Exposing Child to Drug Production: Allowing the presence of a child near manufacturing sites for controlled substances like methamphetamine introduces health risks due to chemical exposure and is regarded as child abuse.

DUI/DWAI with a Child in The Car: Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) where a minor is present in your vehicle poses a risk to their well-being and safety and also constitutes behavior classified as child abuse.

Penalties For Child Abuse In Colorado

The severity of the penalties for child abuse charges in Arizona depends largely on the specifics of each case, including the age of the child and whether the child suffered an injury or not. The following is a general overview of the penalties, though they vary based on the specifics of your case:

If no serious injury results from the alleged child abuse, it’s deemed a misdemeanor offense. The penalties can be up to 364 days in jail and/or include a fine not exceeding $1,000.

However, if documented injuries exist or other conditions are present, child abuse is a felony carrying up to 24 years in prison and/or fines up to $1,000,000. 

If a child dies as a result of child abuse, the penalties can be even higher, with significantly more prison time. 

These severe repercussions highlight why legal representation is imperative when facing these sorts of allegations.

Legal Defenses to Child Abuse in Colorado 

When accused of child abuse, you aren’t without possible legal defenses. Here are a few common ones:

Exaggerated or False Claims: Sometimes, accusations can be based on exaggerated or entirely false claims arising from family disputes, like divorce or custody battles. If this is the case, your defense attorney will seek out inconsistencies in the accuser’s story to dismantle such narratives.

Accidents or Unintentional Injuries: Children are often prone to accidents due to their adventurous nature. If the child’s injury was genuinely accidental (for example, they fell while playing), and not a result of neglect or intentional harm, this could serve as a valid defense.

Insufficient Evidence: In many child abuse cases, the case may rely heavily on testimonial accounts, which can be inconsistent or unreliable. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed acts of child abuse. If this standard cannot be met due to insufficient or inadequate evidence, you may be able to obtain an acquittal.

Each case is unique and requires help from an experienced lawyer.

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Child abuse allegations have the potential to alter your entire life. Your well-being, reputation, and future are too valuable to not take these charges seriously. Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., will be by your side and do everything it takes to help you fight these charges. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.