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Colorado Springs Elder Abuse Defense Attorney

If you’re in Colorado Springs and facing allegations of elder abuse, choosing the right defense attorney is critical. These charges demand a specialized approach given the vulnerability associated with alleged victims and the severe legal consequences at stake. An elder abuse attorney understands the emotional complexity these cases entail and how to navigate them with expertise. If you need help, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Anaya & Chadderdon For Your Elder Abuse Case?

When you’re facing complex legal challenges, such as elder abuse charges, your choice of legal representation is paramount. Anaya & Chadderdon stands out for several reasons: 

  • Dedicated Experience: With over 30 years of combined experience in criminal law, we offer expertise that can greatly influence the outcome of your case. 
  • Partner-Level Attention: Your matter will always be handled by one of our firm partners directly. This ensures that every strategy and decision benefits from seasoned insight and reflects the highest level of professionalism.
  • Commitment to Fair Outcomes: We firmly believe in fighting tirelessly for justice on behalf of our clients recognizing how much is at stake.

Navigating an elder abuse accusation requires tenacious advocacy; contact us to see how we can help during this trying time. 

How an Attorney Can Help You with an Elder Abuse Case

Facing elder abuse charges can be overwhelming, but with a knowledgeable attorney by your side, you’re not alone in the fight. Here’s how an attorney can assist you with these types of cases:

  • Navigating the Legal System: Elder abuse charges can involve intricate legal statutes, and an attorney is invaluable in guiding you through this with precision.
  • Strategic Defense Planning: Your attorney will draw up a solid defense strategy that takes into account all available evidence; they understand what it takes to counteract the prosecution’s allegations. 
  • Negotiation Skills: An experienced lawyer might negotiate plea deals or alternative resolutions to reduce potential penalties, always working towards the most favorable outcome for you.
  • Protection of Rights: From ensuring lawful treatment during proceedings to protecting you against overzealous prosecution, an attorney is a safeguard for your legal rights through every step. 

Having a skilled attorney can significantly enhance your chances of a favorable outcome in the face of elder abuse charges, so it’s crucial to choose a team that is experienced and will fight for your rights from start to finish.

What is Elder Abuse in Colorado?

Elder abuse refers to harmful behaviors directed towards individuals aged 70 and above, including but not limited to abuse, assault, sexual assault, theft, robbery, exploitation, criminal negligence, or neglect by caretakers. 

As used in this article 6.5, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) “Abuse” means any of the following acts or omissions committed against an at-risk person:

(a) The nonaccidental infliction of bodily injury, serious bodily injury, or death;

(b) Confinement or restraint that is unreasonable under generally accepted caretaking standards;  or

(c) Subjection to sexual conduct or contact classified as a crime under this title.

(10) “Exploitation” means an act or omission committed by a person who:

(a) Uses deception, harassment, intimidation, or undue influence to permanently or temporarily deprive an at-risk person of the use, benefit, or possession of any thing of value;

(b) Employs the services of a third party for the profit or advantage of the person or another person to the detriment of the at-risk person;

(c) Forces, compels, coerces, or entices an at-risk person to perform services for the profit or advantage of the person or another person against the will of the at-risk person;  or

(d) Misuses the property of an at-risk person in a manner that adversely affects the at-risk person’s ability to receive health-care or health-care benefits or to pay bills for basic needs or obligations.

For example, if an older person is forced to sign a financial power of attorney, which allows the alleged abuser to make decisions about money and other assets without permission, this could be charged as elder abuse.

Consequences of Crimes Against People 70 and Older in Colorado

In Colorado, penalties for crimes against individuals aged 70 and older can vary significantly based on the nature and severity of the offense. Defendants convicted of elder abuse may face a range of consequences, including substantial jail time, hefty fines, and mandatory restitution payments to the victims. 

Factors Influencing Penalties for an Elder Abuse Conviction

The penalties for elder abuse in Colorado can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Nature of the Underlying Crime: Different crimes carry different penalties. For instance, physical assault will have different consequences compared to financial exploitation.
  • Position of Trust: If the defendant was in a position of trust, such as a family member or caretaker, the penalties may be more severe due to the breach of trust.
  • Value of the Item: In cases of theft, robbery, or exploitation, the value of the item taken or misused can significantly impact the penalties imposed.

Penalties can vary significantly based on the circumstances but can include significant jail time; only a qualified attorney can provide appropriate guidance. Given the complex nature of these cases and the variability in potential penalties, it is crucial to seek legal advice.

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If you’re dealing with allegations of elder abuse in Colorado Springs, seeking legal counsel early is essential. To proactively address your concerns and start building a strong defense, reach out to Anaya & Chadderdon for a free consultation. We understand the gravity of the situation and are ready to stand by your side with our expertise and commitment to justice.