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Colorado Springs Military Criminal Defense Attorney

At Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., we are honored to be able to assist members of the United States Armed Forces when they have legal needs. Our Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys represent members of every branch of the military with a full range of criminal law matters, including:

DUI Charges

Drunk driving charges are a serious matter for anyone, but particularly for members of the military. Our lawyers can help you fight the allegations against you even if you are unable to appear in court because of a military commitment. Let us take care of it for you.

Domestic Violence

A conviction for domestic violence can affect your personal, professional and family life. In addition to the possibility of a restraining order that keeps you from your loved ones, you may face time in prison or the loss of your right to carry a weapon. Because carrying a weapon is an essential part of most active-duty jobs, you may face reassignment or even discharge. Our Colorado Springs lawyers have a long track record of success helping people in your situation.

Sex Crimes

Sexual assault in the military continues to receive attention, and we are here for those fighting allegations. Our attorneys’ 30 years of experience have helped us win on behalf of clients in both civilian courts and court-martial proceedings, and we know how to protect your interests while mounting an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Violent Crimes

Our military defense attorneys frequently assist military service members and veterans accused of violent crimes like assault, homicide and weapon-related offenses. When your future and your career are on the line, trust our extensive experience and our reputation in Colorado’s legal community.

Drug Crimes

Military members who are charged with drug possession can face serious consequences. Other drug offenses include using and selling, which all come with their own set of charges. Make sure our military defense attorneys are by your side to fight your case.

Insubordination, Desertion, & AWOL

Other charges that relate more directly to military duties include insubordination as well as AWOL or desertion from the military. Our attorneys also handle cases related to military fraternization.

Aggressive Colorado Springs, CO Military Defense Attorneys

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