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Pueblo Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense is an incredibly important area of the law. Juvenile criminal defense is just as important and can be very nuanced and confusing, especially for someone who is dealing with the criminal justice system for the first time. If you or a loved one is under the age of 18 and is charged with a criminal offense, it’s crucial that you hire an experienced defense attorney in Pueblo. It’s even more critical to hire someone familiar with handling juvenile cases, as the consequences can last for a lifetime and negatively impact a person’s adult life. If you need assistance with a juvenile criminal case, our Pueblo lawyers can help. Contact Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C. today for a free consultation.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

If possible, you should always hire a defense attorney if your child or another juvenile you care about has been arrested for a crime in Colorado. An experienced juvenile defense attorney will understand the potential consequences of being involved in the criminal justice system at such a young age, and they will understand the severity of having any type of charge transferred to adult criminal court. While a public defender is available if it’s not possible to hire a private lawyer, they’re often overworked and may not have the same amount of time to devote to each individual case as a private attorney does.

What Happens When a Minor Is Arrested?

When a minor is arrested, law enforcement typically locates and notifies their parents or a guardian. If they’re arrested for a minor violation, they should be released to their parents as long as they agree to show up for their appointed court date. If the crime that the minor is charged with is considered very serious – if it involves a weapon or violence – there is a mandatory hold, and the child must remain incarcerated in a juvenile facility.

If the minor must be detained, the juvenile court then holds a detention hearing at which the judge will decide if there is probable cause to detain the minor further. At this point, the minor is permitted to hire an attorney, or they can have a public defender appointed to their case if they cannot afford a private attorney.

Judge Can Detain or Release

At this hearing, the judge is permitted to detain the minor or allow the juvenile to be released on their own personal recognizance, meaning they don’t have to post bail of any kind. If the judge decides to release the minor, they can impose pre-trial conditions, such as house arrest, random drug screens, rehab, GPS monitoring, and more.

Juveniles Can Be Charged as Adults

Another important aspect of the juvenile criminal justice system that must be understood is that children accused of committing a crime can be charged as adults in some circumstances. Any child between the ages of 12 and 17 can be tried for a class 1 or 2 felony in Colorado. This typically occurs when a juvenile is charged with the more serious type of crime, such as violent offenses and sex crimes. It’s always going to be in the minor’s best interest to have their case heard in juvenile court, as the penalties will certainly be more lenient and carry fewer collateral consequences.

Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C. Can Help Your Family

At Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., we understand how upsetting it can be to hear that your child or a juvenile you care about has been arrested. Our lawyers have experience handling all types of criminal matters, including juvenile offenses. We will do whatever it takes to defend your loved one and get the best outcome for you and your family. Contact Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C. today for a free and confidential consultation.