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Colorado’s Romeo and Juliet Law Explained

Posted on 06/24/24

If you or someone you know faces allegations of statutory rape in Colorado, understanding the state’s “Romeo and Juliet” law is key. This legal provision seeks to address instances where young individuals engage in consensual sexual activity, yet one party falls within an age range that could lead to severe criminal charges for the older

Colorado Sexual Assault Penalties

Posted on 06/27/23

In the state of Colorado, sexual assault penalties can be severe and life-altering. Understanding the nuances of the law is crucial in order to fully grasp the consequences that could follow if charged with and convicted of this crime. Sexual Assault in Colorado Sexual assault in Colorado is defined as non-consensual sexual penetration, which can

Ex-referee convicted of nine counts of unlawful sexual conduct

Posted on 01/23/14

For people who work with children on a regular basis as a career or through a volunteer position, being accused of inappropriate contact with the children can have long-lasting effects. One ex-referee was recently convicted of nine misdemeanor counts of unlawful sexual conduct for his actions while refereeing girls’ basketball games. The 52-year-old was convicted

Colorado Springs man arrested on sex crime charge

Posted on 09/26/12

A Colorado Springs man, 29, has been arrested on suspicions that he has repeatedly exposed himself to area women. Police say they believe he has exposed himself on seven or more occasions. He’s been charged with indecent exposure. The suspect was in his car and pulled over for speeding this past Monday, police said. The

Colorado woman charged with another teen sex assault

Posted on 06/29/12

A 38-year-old woman who lives about 125 miles north of Colorado Springs has been accused by police of sexually abusing two teenagers. She was initially taken into custody on charges that she had oral sex with a 14-year-old boy who was visiting her daughter at their Greeley home earlier this year. She was placed in