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Mixed martial arts fighter arrested for assault

Posted on 02/28/12

Mixed martial arts combines a variety of fighting styles, including karate, judo, wrestling and more. Perhaps the most effective way of dispensing of a mixed martial arts opponent is still a punch, however. That’s what law enforcement officials are charging a mixed martial arts fighter threw at a man in a bar about 50 miles

80 arrested in Colorado’s largest-ever drug bust

Posted on 02/17/12

More than 80 people were arrested recently in Colorado’s largest drug bust. The suspects were arrested after the completion of four separate investigations, and 97 total defendants have been charged in seven separate federal indictments. More than 500 officers and state officials worked together to identify the suspects accused of drug crimes. The arrests resulted

Colorado Springs woman charged with fraud

Posted on 02/10/12

A 29-year Colorado Springs woman was recently arrested and charged with a number of white collar crimes in Teller County. The woman’s bond was set at $3,000 after being accused of forgery, unlawful use and manufacture of a financial transaction device, computer crime, criminal impersonation and false reporting to authorities. The woman’s arrest came one