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Colorado man facing sentencing for attempted sexual assault

Posted on 08/24/12

A Colorado man is facing up to 19 years in prison after recently pleading guilty to a pair of criminal charges.

He was arrested on attempted sexual assault and second-degree burglary charges after being accused of taking women’s clothing at a University of Colorado dormitory in 2011.

A student claimed the suspect also entered her dorm room and sexually assaulted her the night prior to his arrest.

The 29-year-old suspect now faces sentencing. The state of Colorado imposes harsh penalties on those convicted of sex crimes, such as heavy fines, jail time and lifetime probation. Additionally, convicts must register as sex offenders, sometimes for life. Failing to do so puts them at risk for even more charges.

This makes experienced criminal defense representation crucial for Colorado residents accused of such offenses.

The student told investigators that she and several friends first met the suspect on University Hill, and then encountered him again the following night. The man reportedly offered the students a ride back to their dorm, to which they agreed. The student then claims the suspect came with the group back to her dorm room, where she later woke to the suspect sexually assaulting her.

After receiving the report, police reportedly matched the suspect’s description to another man that was seen stealing clothing and towels from bathrooms at the dorm while students were showering. They arrested the suspect and place him in detention at the Boulder County Jail.

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Source: Boulder Daily Camera, “Man pleads guilty to burglary, attempted sex assault in CU-Boulder dorm case,” Aug. 14, 2012