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Mixed martial arts fighter arrested for assault

Posted on 02/28/12

Mixed martial arts combines a variety of fighting styles, including karate, judo, wrestling and more. Perhaps the most effective way of dispensing of a mixed martial arts opponent is still a punch, however.

That’s what law enforcement officials are charging a mixed martial arts fighter threw at a man in a bar about 50 miles southwest of Colorado Springs. The 22-year-old martial arts fighter has been charged with first-degree assault in the case.

The alleged assault was reportedly in a Canon City pub.

A 52-year-old man was transported afterwards to a Colorado Springs hospital. He has “an unfavorable prognosis,” according to a county sheriff’s spokesperson.

According to law enforcement authorities, the alleged incident began when the martial arts fighter tried to approach a pair of women at the bar. The pair identified themselves as lesbians, which reportedly angered the man.

A waitress at the bar told a Pueblo newspaper that the man yelled obscenities at the women.

Bar staff reportedly decided to shut the establishment early that Thursday night.

The man who witnesses said was later punched began “lightheartedly” urging customers to leave. He reportedly shouted out that everyone who was with the mixed martial arts fighter “needs to get the (expletive) out.”

Three witnesses told the newspaper that the man was then knocked to the ground, unconscious, by the mixed martial arts fighter.

Anyone accused of felony assault faces a potential prison sentence, which means they must make the most of their opportunity to defend themselves in court or negotiate a favorable plea agreement with prosecutors.

An experienced, effective attorney can help make either of those options positive ones.

Source: Pueblo Chieftain: “Martial arts fighter arrested in assault,” Feb. 28, 2012