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Deputy clerk in Colorado faces harsh reality of DUI arrest

Posted on 10/08/12

People from all walks of life can become the target of a drunk driving arrest. People from college students to even those professionally involved with the law can end up fighting a DUI charge in Colorado.

A county deputy clerk, for example, was arrested last Sunday for suspicion of driving under the influence. The incident has already affected his job, and he hasn’t even been convicted of a crime yet. In fact, sources report that the suspect has plans to fight the DUI charge. Still, he has resigned from him government position.

The now former Larimer County Deputy Clerk was pulled over and investigated near Colorado State University earlier this month. Authorities had supposed reason to arrest the suspect and charge him with driving under the influence. A criminal defense attorney would want to look at why the suspect was pulled over in the first place in order to determine whether the police had any legal reason to initiate a traffic stop and go ahead with the subsequent DUI investigation.

Another important point to note is that in this case, the suspect went through a blood test. Blood tests are better to submit to than breathalyzer tests because an attorney can have a sample verified for criminal defense reasons.

An arrest certainly doesn’t mean a person is guilty of drunk driving. And not even a breath or blood test with incriminating findings necessarily means a suspect is guilty. Mistakes happen. Samples are handled improperly.

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Source: The Coloradoan, “Deputy Clerk Diggs Brown arrested for DUI, announces resignation,” Patrick Malone, Oct. 1, 2012