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Colorado Springs suspect says teen volunteered sex for pay

Posted on 05/28/12

A 16-year-old girl’s sexual activities are the subject of a Colorado Springs police investigation. The mother of the teenager says her daughter had sex with an adult male who forced the girl to engage in sex with other men for money. The parent wants a restraining order for the man her daughter is “staying with” in an Ore Mill Road motel room.

When authorities took the man into custody, the suspect reportedly waived his Miranda rights. A criminal defense lawyer might have advised that the “right to remain silent” would benefit the man’s legal position. An ongoing sex crimes investigation could lead to charges of child sexual assault.

The mother and the man stated the girl had sex for pay on three occasions. The man stated that the girl’s participation was voluntary and not coerced.

According to the mother’s statements, the man set up her daughter as an escort through an ad on The girl was allegedly driven to motels where she had sex with men and “collected money.” The parent supplied an address of the motel where the teen was staying.

Investigators found the man and the girl sitting together smoking marijuana in the motel parking lot. The pair apparently was waiting for a potential customer who wanted to have sex with another teen, a 19-year-old who had joined the man’s small pay-for-sex operation.

The man accused of using the 16-year-old teen for profit told investigators he met his “best friend” at a nightclub a month earlier. He admitted the two had sex and that he initiated the idea to use an online ad to sell sex. The girl allegedly agreed to the plan and helped write ads to attract customers.

Planned sex with three men netted the pair $450, which the suspect reportedly claimed made the girl “happy.”

Source: KKTV, “Documents: Three Men Paid For Sex With 16-Year-Old,” May 17, 2012