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Colorado Springs drug trafficking investigation ends in arrests

Posted on 06/21/12

A Colorado Springs TV station is reporting that an investigation into area drug trafficking has resulted in the arrests of at least 19 people, including one juvenile.

The probe by FBI and federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents into heroin sales began in March of this year, though the station notes that it aired a report on drug use and sales at high schools in April of last year.

KKTV says many of the arrested suspects are from the very schools it investigated last year. The station says it reported on “an alarming number of local teens…getting hooked” on heroin.

The station examined court documents in the case and found that some of the suspects were arrested trying to buy drugs at places such as a Walgreen’s store and an Old Chicago restaurant.

Law enforcement officials accuse some of the defendants of giving away heroin in order to get people addicted to the substance.

Police say five of the people arrested are key to the operation. They were taken into custody early this month. They reportedly had approximately two pounds of heroin in their possession, as well as cocaine, weapons and cash.

Nine more suspects were arrested the next day.

Police say they also targeted users as well as alleged distributors in their sweep of Colorado Springs locations.

Eight adults and one minor were arrested for attempting to possess a Schedule I controlled substance.

Four others arrested are facing charges that they were not only attempting to buy heroin, but planned to rob an undercover police officer posing as a heroin dealer.

The oldest of the suspects is 46; authorities withheld the age of the juvenile arrested.

Source: KKTV, “Court Documents Offer Insights Into Massive Heroin Investigation,”June 19, 2012